The rooms’ style alternates harmoniously in each one of our 8 stone castles. Being decorated with earth colors, rooms combine remarkably the natural stones of the region with traditional wooden furniture, thus creating a warm, very special atmosphere for each guest.

Stone bed

Other amenities such as a fireplace and jacuzzi

Traditional style

Decoration in harmony with the architecture

Comfortable rooms

Suitable for hosting up to four guests


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Erimanthos forest – natural monument with the age-old oaks, Nestos river – the so-called river of life, Livaditis waterfall – the biggest of Balkans, Macedonian Tomb of Komnina, Kalyva fortress – of the Macedonian Phillip the 2nd, are only some of the milestones of the region which are worth visiting. Unique places for relaxation and meditation.

Natural beauty

Erymanthos, Nestos, Vistonida, Livaditis cascade

Nestos river

The river with the famous meanders


From thracians and Dionysos to monasteries


The Hotel Nemesis complex is located at the mountain area of Xanthi, in the mountain range of Rodopi, where Macedonia and Thrace meet. The nearest village is the Komnina.

Theme Park

The guest has the opportunity to observe in our small theme park (zoo) the life of numerous animals both of the domestic-greek and international fauna. Ostriches, peacocks, ponies, white deer and roes are some of the members of the broader zoo-family which will amaze each guest.

Visitors from far away

Ostriches, White deers, Tibetan goats

Theme Park

Deers and other animals of the local fauna


Next to the hotel with safe toys

“When Nemesis will abandon Earth, it will mean the end of the current race of people ….”


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